Adelaide Hills

Nature Valley has partnered with Landcare Australia to support the rejuvenation of bushfire affected walking trails with the launch of the Nature Valley Trails Landcare Grants program.

The partnership will deliver on ground projects to two not-for-profit environmental conservation, groups located on New South Wales’ mid-north coast and the Adelaide Hills. They received a combined total of $80,000 in funding. For the remainder of 2020 until mid-2021, these groups will be implementing exciting projects.

Adelaide Hills

The Cudlee Creek bushfires in December 2019 burnt Lobethal Bushland Park with such heat and intensity that the park suffered an unprecedented 95 percent loss of flora. The Nature Valley Trails Landcare Grant is funding the The Friends of Lobethal Bushland Park Group to purchase materials for building a 14-metre boardwalk and other restoration work.  The project will also provide urgently needed soil stabilisation works to reduce the effects of erosion on existing trails and lessen the threat of Phytophthora (a destructive soil-borne water mould) infecting native plants in this extremely sensitive post-fire landscape.

The Group will work with the Adelaide Hills Council (Park landowners) who will provide the labour for the path improvements.  When the project is completed, local residents and nature lovers from all over South Australia and beyond will be able to enjoy safely walking through this magnificent bushland park.

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